In a post that we shared last month, we featured an accessible RV which is being manufactured and placed on the market by Winnebago. The accessibility features on the RV had a wheelchair lift and an adjustable queen bed fitted into the vehicle. However, we received a lot of comments about the price tag on the RV which many of you found to be out of reach for your own budget. We wondered if there were any families out there who loved to use an RV and had managed to do this differently. Since doing some research, we came across the Youtube channel from Able Family Life. This channel contains a host of videos made by the same family which highlights the issues that they face and how they overcome them or indeed just find alternatives to suit their situation. It is a fascinating series of informative films with one, in particular, depicting how they use their own RV. They have not opted for the one which has the conversions and nor have they claimed that their RV is suitable for everyone; in fact, during the clip, there is an acknowledgment that every disability has its own demands and that their solutions won't be the solutions for anyone else. What it does show and prove is that there are alternatives available if a little thought is put into the project. That said, there is an admission that the access on this RV is a team is a team effort and the access can only be provided with the help of a family member or friend. We also need to highlight the fact that this method is not the safest we have seen, but hey its a free world and as long as the person using it is making their own decisions to use it, then who are we to argue?

We also wondered if there was a market out there for used RV that came with built-in accessibility and following a brief Google search we were able to come up with a fairly decent selection of retailers who were selling used accessible RV's and camper vans which come at a much-reduced cost of the vehicle we featured in our last posting.

Michael Holden

Michael Holden

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