Is Tesla actually doing anything to make their vehicles more accessible to those who use a wheelchair? 

Nick Struthers, a wheelchair user in the USA asked the very same question during an online chat session with Tesla and received some interesting information. Although not designed for wheelchair users in mind the Model X and Model S Tesla has some excellent features that would be of benefit to anyone using a wheelchair. Some of the options include doors that open without having to reach for a door handle. The falcon doors which would allow a wheelchair to be placed better for transfer and these Tesla models have height-adjustable suspension to allow the car to be lowered for ease of access. Added with an electric trunk for aiding both openings and particularly closing, the cars are showing some promise before we even get into the car itself. 

One function that has not yet received legal approval, but is still a feature of the car - is to move it remotely, which is a tremendous advantage whenever we get caught out by less thoughtful drivers who part too close.

With all those features acknowledged, there are still difficulties with getting any wheelchair into the car. This is where the innovation from Tesla ends. But not to be defeated, those of us using wheelchairs are well used to solving problems for ourselves and Amor in the Youtube, clip sought the assistance of a local engineer to make the Tesla wheelchair stowage work for him. Added with the hand controls, this car just made his life a whole lot easier.

However, not everyone needs that kind of adaption to get a wheelchair into their car and are able to manage the transfer themselves, or are lucky enough to have a helping hand to do this for them. Cambry purchased her Tesla as a used model and received a great deal. She explains all of the benefits from the natural features of this car which prove to be ideal for wheelchair users

Michael Holden

Michael Holden

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