Okay, so we are a family of four, Mum, Dad, and two teenage children. I am a wheelchair user and we try to find things to do that interest the children as well as cover the accessibility needs that I have.

During the era of limited travel, the opportunity to spend more time enjoying staycation activities in Northern Ireland allows for the exploration of lesser-known activities at home. Whilst probably not on the hit list or agenda for visitors to Northern Ireland it certainly gives oxygen to highlight jewels to the local community who might otherwise get tired of visiting the same places over the long winter months. On this occasion, we spent some time enjoying the highlights of East Belfast, along Conn's Water Greenway, which meanders through the flora and fauna of this urban landscape towards the docklands, Belfast Lough, and the sea.

Victoria Park, Belfast

We explored the 'D' section of the greenway, which runs from Connswater Shopping Centre to Victoria Park. We found this to be a great starting point because it offered lots of parking opportunities and there were several places to pick up some water or juice, plus a nice place to relax for a coffee upon our return. The first and probably most notable area in this section on the Greenway is C.S. Lewis Square. An open space with lots of bronze statues of characters from Narnia, it seems that there are several events held here throughout the year, so it might be interesting to check these out prior to visiting on the news section of the Greenway website.

From here the route follows the river along good, wide, smooth pathways crossing a couple of bridges along the way. There is also a spattering of informative signs which give the local history of the area and its contribution to the shipyard industry as well as the various supply chains and the local football club, which is still in existence today.


Victoria Park is a circular route and has several options to enjoy. There is the main walkway, which is a complete loop and here you can find picnic tables, benches to rest and enjoy the world go by or stop at the playpark. The outer route gives access to views of the dockland area and is wheelable, but is a natural footpath, to there are some bumps and in wet weather, you can expect some mud too. This is not circular and only runs a section of the outwardly facing side of the park. Then cross a bridge to an inner island and there is yet another route with outdoor gym equipment. All of this may be enjoyed before heading back to where you left the car.

However, if you like to walk a little further, there is a link from Victoria Park to the industrial area of the Docklands, this has the advantage of connecting you to the Titanic Belfast Museum and the Marine Mile walk if you have the energy. So if you are looking for something to do, that is not your usual go-to option, the Greenway and Victoria Park is just the ticket. 

Michael Holden

Michael Holden

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  • Mary Maher 13 Oct 2020

    Looks brilliant. How many miles in the greenway do you please.
    Thank you,

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