Staxi, IJdoornlaan 805, 1025 AZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Staxi Staxi, IJdoornlaan 805, 1025 AZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Staxi was the first organization in Amsterdam to receive a TTO permit from the then alderman Eric Wiebes.

Staxi drivers are first-class drivers. They are independent entrepreneurs who operate under the flag of Staxi and meet the requirements set by Staxi. Every driver is obliged to follow the internal training that is given at our Staxi Academy. This includes topics such as service and services for the customer, what to do in the event of an emergency and everything that is involved in taxi transport in practice.

In addition, more than 70% of Staxi drivers have a TX certification. With this prestigious quality mark, they are eligible, among other things, to offer taxi transport from Schiphol airport . In addition to the internal Staxi course, drivers with a TX certificate also attended a course in life-saving actions. So you are in good hands with a Staxi driver.

Wheelchair taxi

Do you use a wheelchair? Staxi offers you the possibility to be transported safely and quickly in Amsterdam and surroundings with our wheelchair taxi.

Wheelchair transport Amsterdam

The reasons for booking a wheelchair taxi at Staxi:

  • Staxi is the only taxi center in Amsterdam with a wheelchair fleet. 
  • You are mobile with a wheelchair taxi. We are happy to take you to the nice places in Amsterdam. Of course you can also count on us for appointments at the doctor, in the hospital or outside the region. 
  • Adapted taxis for safe transport by wheelchair with a high level of service and service provided by the driver. The driver will drive you safely into the taxi and ensure that the wheelchair is properly secured so that you can leave quickly. 
  • Of course you can take one or more supervisor (s) with you.

Two types of wheelchair taxis

We have two types of wheelchair taxis. One wheelchair and four extra passengers can travel in one type of taxi. In the other wheelchair taxi no less than three wheelchairs can be taken and three extra passengers or one wheelchair and five extra passengers.

  • Wheelchair taxi Type I: Accommodates 1 wheelchair and up to 4 companions
  • Wheelchair taxi Type II: Accommodates 3 wheelchairs and 3 passengers / 1 wheelchair and 5 passengers
  • Wheelchair taxi must be booked 20 hours in advance
  • Taxi rides to and from Schiphol Airport

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