A Resident’s View of Accessible Adelaide
‘Adelaide is a great place for people with disabilities to get around. Whatever you want to do is close by. ‘We’re lucky that Adelaide is fairly flat which makes it easy for a anual
wheelchair to get around. Rundle Mall, many arcades and streets have reasonably wide footpaths that make for ease of movement throughout the city.

‘Most theatres, cinemas, markets, cafes and restaurants cater for people with disabilities. If you wish to travel out of the city there are plenty of ways to get around using trams, buses, trains or wheelchair taxis. ‘It always pays to explore your options before going anywhere and this can be done through your hotel or tourist information centre or by following the information in this guide. ‘I’m proud to be a resident of Adelaide and hope that you will come to find how easy it is to fit in and have fun in my city. Give it a go!’

:-Neil Sachse