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Wheelchair Users: Planning to Fly?

We also recommend making a list of wheelchair dealerships at the destination - just in case there are problems or damages that could ruin the trip.

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A weekend in Philadelphia

We spent the weekend in Philadelphia and had a wonderful time enjoying all that the city had to offer, both historic and modern.

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A Mobile Solootion Providing Changing Places Toilets

Built to be mobile these Changing Places on wheels known as Mobiloo are a game changer in making outdoor events even more accessible.

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Wheely Accessible Tower Bridge

As one of London’s iconic landmarks Tower Bridge (often mistaken as London Bridge) is a fantastic tourist attraction for those people who use a wheelchair.

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Learning to Fly

The flying school based at Blackbushe Airport prides itself on providing accessible light aircraft

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ADA Grand Canyon Train

The Grand Canyon Train Company try to make the experience as enjoyable as possible and even offer accessible transportation within the National Park on arrival.

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SPAIN - Autism Friendly City Fair

This year, however, the city authorities have taken advice from the Seville Association of Asperger Syndrome (Asperger - TEA Sevilla) who lobbied for a quiet period during the fair so that those fairgoers with Autism and their families and friends could enjoy the fiesta too.

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Tokyo Paralympic Games

The new universal design taxis look like those familiar to all Londoners who’s cabbies have been accommodating wheelchair users for many years. However, like London’s cabs, these new vehicles are expensive to purchase, and operators are being offered subsidies if they also undertake the training.

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Accessible Delhi Mapping

University College London has developed sensors that have a low-cost base and are designed to identify features of a footpath or pavement. This will allow mapping to decide how a wheelchair user might be able to traverse the area.

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WHILL Smart Chair

With a clever app that allows you to move the chair independently, the chair can be parked away from your bed or living room chair once you have transferred

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